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Lake Osborne Church seeks to make its campus a reflection of God's Kingdom, and as such, is home to another congregation that help

provide a great picture of cultural and denominational diversity. See below to learn more or join!

Iglesia Linaje Escogido

FB @iglesia.linajeescogido.777

Jueves - Oracion @ 7:30pm

Sabado - Evangelistico @ 7:30pm

Domingo - Esc. Dominical @ 3pm

Lake Osborne Church

Originally meeting on Thursdays in a home on Sunset Drive, the mission church eventually grew established enough to begin a Sunday morning worship service and was constituted as an official church in 1957.

Lake Osborne Church went on to purchase a permanent site at its current location, the corner of Sunset Drive and Sixth Avenue South, using the two-story house on site as its place of worship. In 1961, construction began on a new building, which served as the sanctuary until 1985. The original, two-story house on site continued to serve Lake Osborne Church in a number of capacities including as a youth center, coffee house, and multi-purpose space until it was demolished in 1984 to make room for the current sanctuary that sits on the house’s former site.

No church, Lake Osborne Church included, is defined by its buildings however, but by its people and its ministries. Started as a mission church itself, LOPC has long existed for the good of its community and the world – having participated in the planting of several churches in Palm Beach and Martin counties, as well as continuing to support mission work both nationally and abroad.

Come and partner with us as we work to further Christ’s kingdom into the future.

Lake Osborne Church

2101 6th Ave S, Lake Worth, FL 33461

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