Children's Church


The Teach Me to Worship curriculum presents and explains common elements of worship that the universal church has used throughout the ages.  The purpose of the curriculum is to help equip the next generation bow down in worship of our King. 

The 12 monthly units are listed below and each have four lessons:

1. Call to Worship   2. Prayer   3. Praise   4. Tithes & Offerings   5. Reading of the Word                                6. Confession of Faith    7. Hearing of the Word   8. Sacraments   9. Benediction   10. Christmas              11. Easter 12. Missions


Children will be dismissed to Children's Church right before the sermon. You can pick your child up after the service in our Children's Ministry Room, located under the sanctuary.  To get there take the stairs next to the men's restroom downstairs and make your first left.

Children's Church is for children in grades PreK (age 4) -3rd Grade.

*On the first Sunday of each month we celebrate Family Worship where all children ages four and older remain in the service. On these Sundays we work diligently to include the children in all aspects of worship.